Faentina Treno Trek

Day 1: From Vaglia to Borgo San Lorenzo

Meeting at Vaglia station at around 10.00 a.m. to start enjoying the lights and sensations that the countryside and the woods offer the walker. Along a short stretch of the Via degli Dei (Gods' Path), we will enjoy listening to the historical and naturalistic aspects of the Vaglia area, and at sunset a beautiful walk will be transformed into a profound sensory experience. In addition to the myths and legends that make up the history of the Badia del Buonsollazzo, we will explore the popular beliefs and traditions that attribute symbolic value to spring and summer plants and flowers. The place is perfect to enjoy a picnic with local products until the last ray of sunlight. Return by train for dinner and overnight stay in Scarperia and San Piero a Sieve.

Day 2: Parishes and farms, jewels and knowledge - Mugello Rural Trek

Where the Apennines and Mugello embrace on the Via degli Dei. With this excursion we will dive into the green Mugello, walking on paths, car tracks and short stretches of road in the typical Apennine environment, alternated with harmonious rolling hills where the work of man is perfectly bound to nature. The magnificent ancient village of Sant'Agata del Mugello will welcome us with its history linked to the trans-Apennine road function that has its roots in the land of Liguri Magelli, Etruscans, Romans and rich feudal families, with its palaces, tabernacles and its magnificent Pieve (parish church). After having lunch in a typical village tavern, we continue on our way to the Bosco ai Frati Convent, a settlement founded by the Ubaldini family and later the seat of the Franciscans, which houses a wooden Christ by Donatello. Return by train for dinner and overnight stay in Borgo San Lorenzo.

Day 3: Borgo San Lorenzo Art Nouveau Urban Trek

Ceramics and beauty from Borgo to Mugello, to the edge of the world. An excursion in and around a village in the middle of Mugello, rich in the history of the art of the Art Nouveau style. The walk will teach us about the ceramic and artistic presences of natural and floral inspiration, stories of multifaceted artists who made Mugello and (not only) Italian cities beautiful in the wake of a modern art movement, Art Nouveau, based on elements of the natural environment. An intense dialogue between nature and art, of which the representatives of the Chini family have been illustrious witnesses. Lunch in a typical Borgo bottega (studio), based on cheeses and cold cuts and Tuscan and Mugello wines. At the end of the tour, it will be possible to practice pottery in a characteristic artistic workshop of the master ceramist Luca Canavicchio or visit the factory of the Chini-Pecchioli family, a tradition that is still active in the manufacture of tiles embellished by the famous "lustri ceramici". End of the tour in the afternoon.

In collaboration with the environmental guide Elena Beleffi.